Tax Consulting Services

In the process of tax laws and tax regulations of Vietnam is not consistent and stable, it leads to many difficulties for enterprises to update and flexibly in applying tax policies. Hence, we have developed a team of experienced tax consultants who are capable of answering and offering comprehensive solutions to all taxes in Vietnam.

We assist our clients in planning and calculating taxes efficiently that are used to support their business purposes while helping them minimize the impact of taxes on their business activities.

Our services include:

  • Assessment of tax compliance obligations
  • Tax risks management
  • Tax consulting services (full package)
  • Support tax finalization
  • Tax incentive advisory
  • Construction, tax planning
  • Review tax returns prepared by the enterprises/individual
  • Prepare tax returns for individuals, including external declarants
  • Work with tax authorities on behalf of the enterprises
  • Documentation and request for tax refund
  • Strategic tax planning
  • Advise the enterprises about the tax implications on contingent contracts or financial decisions
  • Advise on tax implications for accounting treatments
  • Act as the primary tax advisor
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